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“You have little time left, and none of it for crap.” – Don Juan Matus (from Carlos Castaneda books)

This quote has been ringing in my ears for the past several days.. I found out recently that my dear soul sister has decided to stop her treatment and give in to the experience that decision might bring, including signing off from this plane.

As you might know, reading this website, we all attract into our reality things we want to learn from, and things we want to experience. Her chosen path has been rocky for a while now concerning her health, but right now… it is majestic and magnificent and exciting and hard and horrible and intense and rumbling and floaty and so full of love, as I told her in our latest… Continue reading

Alright, time to write a new article, what do I want to write about?

I want to write about how to find your life’s passion. All in all, it’s really simple, but the ego usually thinks it has to be big, awesome, spectacular etc. especially if you don’t know what to do..

The truth is that you do know, even when you say you don’t, and only you can know. That does not mean that nobody can help you figure it out, just realize, that the answer will come from you. So let’s start with why it’s really simple. “The love of life is in the little things”, or “The heart is filled with little thing” or “to the heart, little things are big”, and so on. It’s really simple when you realize… Continue reading

This is an astral dream I had some time ago that I would love to share.

I was in between lives, with a soul brother, as sort of a spirit guide for animal souls, if they can be called that. We were both helping them find an appropriate lifestream they wanted to experience. That means we were finding them certain circumstances to be born under and live in so that they can get the best out of earthly experience (best means not positive, nor negative, just what they wanted to explore). There was a soul who wanted to be born into an elephant baby, and get tortured by humans. We searched for the right environment and body, and when we found it I saw the whole film strip unravel just as I was… Continue reading

It all started one day about ten years ago, I was lying on the carpet in my living room in a deep trance, and I started traveling trough the world. At one point I got very attracted by a large tree in the park near where I was living. As I was getting closer to the tree in my astral form, I sensed the intense desire from the tree to speak with me. Of course, it was not with words, just the feeling of an intense loving intent to connect.

The moment I said hi to the tree, I was let inside it, and the feeling of overwhelming love washed over me. A love so pure, so deep, nothing can compare to it. It was the perfect unconditional love, like nothing I had… Continue reading

Today I met an old friend I have not seen in years. I was reminded about what I remember last about him. He had been head over heels in love with this girl, and he gave everything of himself to her. Pedestalized her, worshiped her. Dedicated all of himself to her, and spared nothing for himself. After about a year, that relationship failed horribly. She left him and took all that he held dear. No need to say, he was crushed. Utterly. And I wanted to say something to him, remembering what I found out through my own journey of life.

He is is now together with someone new and is happy, he did not need my words, but as I remembered, I want to share what I found out.

When my old… Continue reading

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