ฮตั—ะท Mentoring with Love

It all started one day about ten years ago, I was lying on the carpet in my living room in a deep trance, and I started traveling trough the world. At one point I got very attracted by a large tree in the park near where I was living. As I was getting closer to the tree in my astral form, I sensed the intense desire from the tree to speak with me. Of course, it was not with words, just the feeling of an intense loving intent to connect.

The moment I said hi to the tree, I was let inside it, and the feeling of overwhelming love washed over me. A love so pure, so deep, nothing can compare to it. It was the perfect unconditional love, like nothing I had ever experienced. Nothing could contaminate this love, that’s how pure I felt it was. As if I was accepted into this tree, and it felt like the highest honor I had ever had the privilege to experience. At once, I realized that my love was just as pure, that my love could not ever be contaminated either, or else I would have never been able to recognize it. Never have I been so touched. Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I found myself so deeply thankful to the tree.292713-nature-old-tree-green-forest

The tree had a gift for me as well, a complete concept pack of what it is to be a tree. It showed me what it means to be a tree, what the tree loves, and how its love could never be broken, and that is what I want to talk about now. It was ten years ago, and I still have this connection to that tree, and through it, all trees.

In the beginning I did not really understand what I was being given, but as I started to unpack and question the gift, it all started to become clear. Roughly speaking, trees love being a home or a life support to creatures. But what I was shown makes that sound way to simple. I was shown how the tree loved the ants that were crawling around on it, how the tree was a city empire to the ants. To the ants It did not look anything like how we view trees. All the insects living there, birds taking shelter from the rain, and even the nesting, was the trees highest excitement. It also dawned upon me that the tree knows only love. It does not understand fear or sadness or anger, only love. Any form of attention the tree is getting is considered a gift to the tree.

I asked what it thought about humans cutting down the tree, and the tree was more then happy to offer itself if it would mean helping humans survive in some way. It did not matter if we used it for fire to heat ourselves, or being made into planks for houses, it simply did not matter. It was the tree’s love to be nurturing in ANY way. The tree was absolutely blissful to be of any help.

Their purpose for life, their love and excitement is, as said, to be a supporting factor so life can live, but I did not know it extended far beyond the fact that when we breathe in, the trees breathe out, and when we breathe out, the tree breathes in. That alone is enough to consider them one with creatures, but there was more to it. The tree showed me that they also have an energy grid, a link, where they sort of work like antennas. Deeply grounded, and also connected to an energy grid in the sky. All trees were connected in a type of energymatrix grid. What one tree knows, all trees know. And it is also trough this grid that all life on Earth is supported, and can survive at all. Without this grid formed by the trees, no creature would be able to live on Earth.

Now, for a tree though, to be touched by a human, there hardly exists a greater gift to the tree. I might say it would lay it’s life down in a heart beat for such an experience. Just imagine it, a tree standing in a forest for maybe 100 years, not being able to move, suddenly being touched by a hand, maybe even a loving hand, or a child enjoying climbing the tree. That, to a tree, can not be compared to anything I know.

As the tree was showing me all this, I started to wonder why I was given such a fantastic gift, what made me worthy of it, and I got the idea that anyone who asks with a pure intent of wanting to know, would be given this concept. But in my case the tree showed me a time when I was 5 or 6 years old, and I used to love climbing this huge tree in my home town, sit in top of it and sing to my fullest heart’s content. I sang a song about a bird that had a special tree where the bird made a nest and was happy for having children in it. Never have I imagined that this act from when I was a kid, was something all trees know about now. That all trees recognize who I am, because all trees are connected.

And never have I looked at a tree in the same way since. I don’t mind now when a lumber jack cuts down a tree, because I know it is the tree’s love to provide. I just sometimes wish more of them would place a loving hand on it, or acknowledge its existence before they do. It would mean so much to the tree, but I know the trees love them regardless. And of course I wish that not so many where cut down,because they are what sustains life on Earth.

The love given to trees by humans is absolutely noticed by the trees, that the tree for instance is thought of as beautiful, is not something the tree knows, until a human comes along and think so. And the tree responds to that in amazing ways.

There is a special tree here, near where I live now, that is maybe the oldest tree in town. When I found it, it was almost dead, and only had a very few branches that barely had leaves. It was all knotted up and twisted, and I thought it was one of the most beautiful trees I’ve seen. As I placed my hand on it, and asked if I was the first one to do this, the tree showed me hundreads of years of children that had loved to climb this tree. I was not the first by a long shot. It had had a long life of being loved by many. So each day as I went to work, I passed this tree, and stopped to just stand there and love it for a bit, or send it love as I passed by. The next year, that tree had produced more leaves and new little branches then I have ever seen any tree do. It had come back to life,and was looking very healthy. As I continued to do this for the next year as well, the tree was looking more healthy then any other tree in the area. More lush, and stronger then any tree I have ever seen. In many ways that tree is my friend now, and I know it loves me too.


  • Jairus Sullivan

    that is fucking deep dude. I’m going to give love to trees now.


    This was a great piece… I had a similar experience. I had an experience that i was told was a manic episode (the only one if ever had). And when I came out of it i felt a deep connection with nature with birds & especially with trees. I felt a deep instinct and a deep desire that i would be a tree in the future. I tried to explain to a girlfriend at the time my experience and was telling her that i was envious if the tree and would love to be one, and she totally thought i was crazy and could not understand wtf i was saying. I was always saddened about the way she reacted to me telling her, and have never told anyone since.

    Great page!

  • Sharon Truex

    That was beautiful .I have always wondered if one tree mourns the cutting down of another tree. I have a giant oak tree by my house and a huge magnolia tree growing next to it, into it really. I see yang energy in the oak and yen energy in the magnolia. My roommate wants to cut the magnolia down as it is very messy. But I won’t let him. I fancy them as companions to each other.

    • http://33rd.org/ 33rd.org

      Well, as I understood it, they would not understand the concept of sadness, they would be utterly pleased to be of service in any way. But I also think they do enjoy each others company as well. So although I don’t think the one tree would miss the other, I do think they both appreciate each other quite a lot. -Erik

  • Healing Light Stargazer

    A few years back i had similar experience, Eric, with one of my trees in my backyard, only in physical form , not astral. The feeling of unconditional love and service to humanity was overwhelmingly shaky, i could only mentally respond “I love you too, i love you too” as i was instantly swallowing tears of joy:) After that, i found the connection being available anytime i wished for it. And ,though, it became more ordinary or mature, nevertheless just as joyful and profound. An so is human love has profound effect on trees and plants in general. I was able to revive a few dying plants with love, so your story resonates:)

  • http://www.vebala.no Vegar Bakke Larsen

    I love it ๐Ÿ˜€ The unconditional love from trees, I believe, is so complete, that I wondered if trees themselves express their energy from the core of both earth and our galaxy! Its a mighty force of life, love, hamony, perfection and beauty there. It is so beautyfull to actually have experienced that ๐Ÿ˜€ I personally had an experience with remembering a past life that I were a part of the three! That was an amazing experience. Looking at the stars, and the sun every day, and night untill we became matured, and left that concious field of being. Love is written in every part of creation of life. And we are readily waking up to it, every day ๐Ÿ˜€ Most of us not knowing it. So it is good to hear that there are more of us who see and feel! What a wonderfull journey it is here on this earth. I love existence. And so do you ๐Ÿ˜€

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